The Sunset House is located at 3746 St. Paul Boulevard. Before opening in 1990, the configuration of the house was fully renovated to become the 2-resident bed home that it is today. On the first floor you will find 2 spacious and very warm bedrooms. There is a full bathroom between the rooms for the residents use. The kitchen and sitting room are also located on the first floor.

On the second floor, you will find a large living room where family and friends can relax while their loved one is resting. There are accommodations for visitors, including bedrooms for family members that wish to stay overnight. These include a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor and 2 additional beds on the third floor. We encourage family members to stay overnight.

Outside the house, there is a large front porch and a stone patio in the back. On the warmer days, the residents and their families can visit outside among the beautiful gardens.